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Subject to availability, Updated 11/11/18

Belgian-What?!? - Multigrain Blonde Ale, 5.6% ABV
In keeping with the Belgian spirit of brewing for maximum flavor and not a particular style, we added wheat, oats, lime zest & pineapple juice to this blonde ale to create tropical aromas & flavors with a soft body. But we didn't stop there... dry-hopping with Amarillo hops adds a crisp, yet fruity hop finish to this sparkling ale.

Leaf Erikson – Harvest Ale, 6.1% ABV
In the spirit of the season, a blend of specialty malts creates a pumpkin-orange hue & nutty caramel flavors. The addition of autumn baking spices ginger, cinnamon, mace, clove & allspice are reminiscent of a pumpkin pie baking in the oven, perfect for a chilly fall evening.

H2Ale - A Belgian-style Tripel, 10.1% ABV
This Tripel Ale is brewed with hibiscus flowers and local honey from "Life Bee Good" Apiary in Lafayette, NJ.  The sweetness of fresh honey has been preserved by adding it very late in fermentation, and the tartness of the hibiscus flower adds balance to the beer and a slight tinge of pink to the otherwise golden color of most tripels.  The aroma and flavor of honey in this ale is almost as intoxicating as the beer itself!  

Ravøl - An American Amber, 6.8% ABV
Meaning "Amber Ale" in Norwegian, this ale has a lightly fruity aroma, a malt-forward body and a crisp, dry, hoppy finish.  Inspired by our German Shepherd/Doberman mix (Amber) Ravøl is also slightly darker in color than a traditional amber.  
Uncrossed – IPA, 6.5% ABV – Hoppy Heide #14
This IPA has the same basic malt bill as our Fjord Crosser but is made with a California Ale yeast instead of a Belgian-style yeast. A floral bouquet greets your nose as you go in for your first sip full of tropical fruit flavors, light herbal notes and a bitter citrus peel finish.

Get Naked! (2018 Wet Hopped IPA), 7.5% ABV
At 7.5% ABV, this IPA is the same base recipe as our Viva Verde, but we stripped it down and removed the Jalapenos leaving just lots of fresh green hoppy flavors from fresh, local Cascade and Centennial wet hops!!

Erick’s Hammer, 9.0 % ABV
Our 2017 NJ State Fair Homebrew competition Brewer’s Choice Collaboration goes to Eric Blaine with this tasty Baltic Porter! Inviting aromas of Coffee and vanilla lead into warm boozy malts with a hint of dark fruit flavor and finishes with notes of roast and dark chocolate.

**Keg Policy

We fill 64 oz. Growlers & 32 oz. Grunts.  These vessels are for off-site consumption only.  While we do offer our own empty growlers & grunts at a nominal cost, we will fill other breweries growlers at your own risk (glass and ceramic growlers are inherently fragile - any growlers that break during our filling process will be automatically replaced with an Angry Erik growler or grunt) and provided they are:
1) Clean.
2) Standard wide mouth 2L or 64 oz. growlers or standard 1L or 32 oz. grunts (screw top or flip-top are fine).
3) NOT long-necked, narrow opening vessels (i.e. wine bottle shaped).  
Any unusually shaped vessels will be subject to managements' discretion regarding our ability to fill them. Please call ahead if you have any questions. Thank You!! 

*Growler Fill Policy

We have limited sixtels (5.16 gallons) for purchase plus a keg deposit. All our kegs use standard American Sanke taps. If needed, we have picnic taps for a small rental fee and deposit. Picnic taps pump air into kegs to force out the beer, so the beer will only be good the day you tap it for a party. We do not fill other brewery's  or microstar's kegs. Those Kegs are owned by their Brewery or Microstar and cost them, like us, a great deal of money. Please return them to their owners. Labeling regulation prohibits us from filling homebrew style corney kegs. Please call for prices and questions.

Our Menu- Beer!

As a microbrewery in New Jersey, we are not licensed to sell food, but are BYOF (bring your own food. Sorry, no outside alcohol.)
Our menu consists solely of BEER!!

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