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Våraison - Variation on Saison, 4.4% ABV
Not only is it the perfect play on words with this tart VÅRiation on a sAISON, Våraison is also a refreshing surprise for your taste buds! Expect floral, citrus aromas with tart sweet orange flavor &

a crisp zesty finish. Halfway between a contemporary Gose & a Saison lies this refreshing fusion ale!

$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Orange Zebra)

Paulinskill Ale - Ale brewed with lemongrass, 6.8% ABV
Named for the trail that runs behind Angry Erik Brewing, this refreshing ale is the perfect hiking companion.  Brewed with lemongrass to give it a touch of lemon and a slight peppery finish that won't make you pucker but will make you want another!!!

$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Yellow)

Citra Kisses – American Blonde Dry-hopped with Citra, 5.0% ABV
Every Angry Erik Dog gets his or her own beer & this one is dedicated to our German Shepherd/Border Collie Mix, Citra! Just like Citra, this American Blonde Ale is soft & sweet, with just a kiss of bitterness to represent her “sassy” side. Dry-hopping enhances tropical, passion-fruit aromas and flavors.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Red Zebra)

Arctic Moon – Hop-forward Pale Ale, 6.5% ABV – Hoppy Heide #8
Wakatu & Citra hops dominate this refreshingly hoppy pale ale with a tropical aroma and juicy pineapple/citrus flavors accented by light floral notes. A ton of hop flavor without jarring bitterness makes this a smooth, easy-drinker all year round.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (White Zebra)

¡Yo Tengo Mangos!- Mango Pale Ale, 7.3% ABV
The aroma of sweet, ripe mangos beckons you to take a sip. Over 25 pounds of Mango Puree per barrel yields fresh mango flavors perfectly balanced by the presence of a blend of citrusy West Coast hops makes this one irresistible in the hot Summer months!!

$6.00 12-oz., $5.50 Single Can, $20.00 4-Pack, $9.00 Grunt Fill, $18.00 Growler Fill (Orange)

C.A.G.E. - Session IPA, 4.9% ABV – Alpha-Hop City #5
#5 in our Alpha-hop City Series, this IPA features Citra, Amarillo, Galaxy and Ekuanot hops.  Tropical melon aromas and sweet citrus, fruity and herbal notes are packed into this easy drinking IPA that leaves you with enough bitterness in the finish to make you want another sip!
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Purple)

Troll Baby – Session IPA, 5.0% ABV – Hoppy Heide #6
Our session IPA full of tropical fruit, sweet juicy grapefruit & bright citrus flavors with a crisp, refreshing bitterness from a blend of five different hops.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Gray)

​​​To Taste - American IPA, 6.1% ABV - Hoppy Heide #4
A hop forward beer that was literally brewed "to taste" by continuous hop additions until it tasted just right! Tropical, citrusy hop aromas & flavors are predominant with a grapefruit peel finish.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Blue Zebra)

Hoparoo – Juicy IPA, 6.6% ABV – Hoppy Heide #7
Tropical papaya aromas greet your nose with a pleasant “G’Day Mate!” Hoppy fruit flavors balanced with citrusy hops ONLY from the land Down Under will usher you into a pleasantly bitter finish in this juicy IPA.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Pink)

Wet-Hopped American Limey - An American IPA, 6.6% ABV – Hoppy Heide #3
Fresh NJ Chinook hops from W.S. Hops in Newton combine with zesty lime to create a lime-like citrus flavor which is enhanced by key lime juice to present a tropical citrus aroma, subtle key lime & coconut flavors, and a bitter lime zest finish.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Green)

G.A.M.E. – IPA, 7.2% ABV – Alpha-Hop City #8
An IPA in our Alpha-Hop City Series, Galaxy, Amarillo, Mosaic, & El Dorado combine to form piney, floral hop aromas, juicy papaya flavors and a stone fruit finish.

$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Gray Zebra)

​​Uncrossed – IPA, 7.3% ABV – Hoppy Heide #14
This IPA has the same basic malt bill as our Fjord Crosser but is made with a California Ale yeast instead of a Belgian-style yeast. A floral bouquet greets your nose as you go in for your first sip full of tropical fruit flavors, light herbal notes and a bitter citrus peel finish.
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (White)

Hop the Fence – An American IPA, 7.5% ABV
This hop-forward IPA has hefty citrus and fruity melon notes balanced with subtle aromatic malts and a lingering grapefruit finish. Dry hopped with a blend of 7 West Coast hops, this IPA is sure to please "hop heads" everywhere! 

$6.00 Pint, $5.50 Single Can, $20.00 4-Pack, $9.00 Grunt Fill, $18.00 Growler Fill (Pink Zebra)

Hel Crow – Imperial Red Ale w/ Rye, 8.0% ABV

In Norse mythology, the cry of the rust-red bird at the gates of Hel signified the beginning of Ragnarök, the end of days. Our Imperial Red Ale embodies the color of the Hel Crow, with Mosaic Hops yielding a berry & caramel bouquet. Sweet toasted malts add a hint of roast, caramel & chocolate & the rye brings a pleasantly dry & spicy finish.
$6.00 (12-oz.), $5.50 Single Can, $20.00 4-Pack, $9.00 Grunt Fill, $18.00 Growler Fill 

Hop-N-Awe - Imperial IPA, 10.3% ABV 
This Imperial IPA is almost as dangerous as a Berserkr fighting savagely in a trance-like state of mind. A battle axe of piney hop aromas leads the attack, followed by a maelstrom of citrus, melon & berry flavors. 12 straight days of dry-hopping will lay siege to your senses, so don't let your shield down. Enjoy fresh- Skål!

$6.00 (12 oz.- Limit One), $6.50 Single Can, $24.00 4-Pack, $11.00 Grunt Fill, $22.00 Growler Fill (Blue)

INFUSION: Hop-N-Awe w/ Key Largo Lime - Imperial IPA, 10.3% ABV (NO CANS)
An infusion of Key Largo Lime in our popular Imperial IPA adds a ripe lime zest finish only available for a limited time!
$6.00 (12 oz.- Limit One), $12.00 Grunt Fill, $24.00 Growler Fill (Limit One Grunt or Growler- Green Zebra)

BIPL, BIPL, Black Sheep, - Black India Pale Lager, 7.0% ABV – Hoppy Heide #17
A lagered version of Shadow Warrior with a smooth, velvety flavor of roast and hops on your palette and just enough bitterness to balance out the dark malts.
$6.00 Pint, $5.50 Single Can, $20.00 4-Pack, $9.00 Grunt Fill, $18.00 Growler Fill (Black)

King Knut – Maple Brown Ale, 5.6% ABV
Sweet maple-toffee aromas introduce toasty, nutty malts that perfectly complement delicious flavors of fresh, local maple syrup from Lusscroft Farm in Wantage, NJ. 
$6.00 Pint, $5.00 Single Can, $18.00 4-Pack, $8.00 Grunt Fill, $16.00 Growler Fill (Brown)

Bottles To-Go Only

The Dainty Viking - An Elderflower Blonde Ale, 7.6% ABV
Brewed with dried elderflowers of Scandinavian/Germanic origin and wheat, this easy drinking blonde ale has a floral bouquet that will seduce you, but watch out - at 7.6% ABV, she might be more "Shield Maiden" than "Dainty!"
$8.00 22-oz. Bomber Bottle

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