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Belgian-What?!? - Multigrain Blonde Ale, 5.6% ABV
In keeping with the Belgian spirit of brewing for maximum flavor and not a particular style, we added wheat, oats, lime zest & pineapple juice to this blonde ale to create tropical aromas & flavors with a soft body. But we didn't stop there... dry-hopping with Amarillo hops adds a crisp, yet fruity hop finish to this sparkling ale.

$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Purple Zebra)

​​Paulinskill Ale - Ale brewed with lemongrass, 6.8% ABV
Named for the trail that runs behind Angry Erik Brewing, this refreshing ale is the perfect hiking companion.  Brewed with lemongrass to give it a touch of lemon and a slight peppery finish that won't make you pucker but will make you want another!!!
$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Yellow)

Two-Shoe Brew – Copper Ale (English-style Amber Ale), 6.0% ABV
This copper ale is named for our late dog Brewer who loved to carry a shoe or two around the house! A fruity aroma (sweet cereal malt & subtle citrus), typical of traditional English-style amber ales complement a crisp, refreshing body with nutty/biscuity flavors and a lightly bitter Australian hop finish.

​$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Gray Zebra)

Arrowhead Red – Red Ale, 4.8% ABV
Arrowhead Red is named after Angry Erik Brewing’s new home, Hampton Township, whose border forms a perfectly shaped arrowhead. A unique combination of malt and hops to produce nutty, biscuity and pear flavors and aromas! 

​$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Red)

Kayewla – Belgian-style Ale, 7.9% ABV
This ale is named for Marquis de Lafayette, the General who fought closely with George Washington in this region during the American Revolution.  “Kayewla” means “fearsome horseman” and was the nickname given to Lafayette by the Oneida Indians for his courage. This ale features typical Belgian flavors including coriander, orange zest and cloves with a slight twist of American hops.

​$6.00 12-oz. / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill (Purple)

H2Ale - A Belgian-style Tripel, 10.1% ABV
This Tripel Ale is brewed with hibiscus flowers and local honey from "Life Bee Good" Apiary in Lafayette, NJ.  The sweetness of fresh honey has been preserved by adding it very late in fermentation, and the tartness of the hibiscus flower adds balance to the beer and a slight tinge of pink to the otherwise golden color of most tripels.  The aroma and flavor of honey in this ale is almost as intoxicating as the beer itself!

$6.00 (12-oz., Limit One per Visit) / $6.50 Single Can / $24.00 4-Pack / $11.00 Grunt Fill/  $22.00 Growler Fill (Pink)

¡Yo Tengo Mangos!- Mango Pale Ale, 7.3% ABV
The aroma of sweet, ripe mangos beckons you to take a sip. Over 25 pounds of Mango Puree per barrel yields fresh mango flavors perfectly balanced by the presence of a blend of citrusy West Coast hops makes this one irresistible in the hot Summer months!!
$6.00 12-oz. / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill (Orange)

Arctic Moon – Hop-forward Pale Ale, 6.5% ABV – Hoppy Heide #8
Wakatu & Citra hops dominate this refreshingly hoppy pale ale with a tropical aroma and juicy pineapple/citrus flavors accented by light floral notes. A ton of hop flavor without jarring bitterness makes this a smooth, easy-drinker all year round.
$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (White Zebra)

​​Hoparoo – Juicy IPA, 6.6% ABV – Hoppy Heide #7
Tropical papaya aromas greet your nose with a pleasant “G’Day Mate!” Hoppy fruit flavors balanced with citrusy hops ONLY from the land Down Under will usher you into a pleasantly bitter finish in this juicy IPA.

$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Pink Zebra)

G.A.M.E. – IPA, 7.2% ABV – Alpha-Hop City #8
An IPA in our Alpha-Hop City Series, Galaxy, Amarillo, Mosaic, & El Dorado combine to form piney, floral hop aromas, juicy papaya flavors and a stone fruit finish.
$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Blue Zebra)

A.C.E. (Alpha-Hop City #4) – IPA, 6.9% ABV
This New England-style IPA is the fourth in our “Alpha-Hop City” Series where each beer will be named using the first letters of the hops in the beer! A.C.E. features Ahtanum, Citra, & El Dorado hops and presents a citrus hop aroma and juicy citrus flavors with a hint of melon. The golden haze is characteristic of the New England-style with just enough bitterness to make it an IPA.
$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill  (White)

¡Viva Verde! Jalapeño IPA, 7.5% ABV – Hoppy Heide #2
This American IPA is brewed to feature the fresh green flavors of the jalapeño pepper (seeds and stems removed to avoid the heat) blended with Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. The result is a truly unique culinary experience of hop flavors. Drop a slice or two of fresh jalapeño pepper into your glass or growler to enhance the fresh flavors, add some heat & remind you to "Live Green!!"

$6.00 Pint / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill (Green)

Uncrossed – IPA, 7.3% ABV – Hoppy Heide #14
This IPA has the same basic malt bill as our Fjord Crosser but is made with a California Ale yeast instead of a Belgian-style yeast. A floral bouquet greets your nose as you go in for your first sip full of tropical fruit flavors, light herbal notes and a bitter citrus peel finish.
​$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Red Zebra)

Hop the Fence – An American IPA, 7.5% ABV
This hop-forward IPA has hefty citrus and fruity melon notes balanced with subtle aromatic malts and a lingering grapefruit finish. Dry hopped with a blend of 7 West Coast hops, this IPA is sure to please "hop heads" everywhere! 

$6.00 Pint / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill (Blue)

Jotun the Giant – Imperial Brown Ale, 7.5% ABV
In Norse Mythology, Jotuns are giants with superhuman strength. Our Imperial Brown Ale is a GIANT beer worthy of such a title, with caramel and toffee flavors accented by a lightly toasty and smooth warming finish. Jotun the Giant would want to raise a larger than life glass of this ale! 

$6.00 Pint / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill  (Brown)

BIPL, BIPL, Black Sheep, - Black India Pale Lager, 7.0% ABV – Hoppy Heide #17
This beer was crafted by lagering one of our favorite Black Ales, Shadow Warrior. The lagering process leaves a smooth, velvety flavor of roast and hops on your palette and ends with just enough bitterness to balance out the dark malts.
$6.00 Pint / $5.50 Single Can / $20.00 4-Pack / $9.00 Grunt Fill / $18.00 Growler Fill (Gray)

For Fuggles’ Sake, 6.4% ABV - Oatmeal Stout
Our Shar Pei mix, Fuggles, has been itching to get his own brew & it is finally here!! Brewed with black malts and 100% Fuggles hops, chocolate aromas and a creamy oatmeal mouthfeel roll into a roasty finish and will leave you asking, "For Fuggles’ Sake, can I please have more???"

$6.00 Pint / $5.00 Single Can / $18.00 4-Pack / $8.00 Grunt Fill / $16.00 Growler Fill (Black)


The Dainty Viking - An Elderflower Blonde Ale, 7.6% ABV
Brewed with dried elderflowers of Scandinavian/Germanic origin and wheat, this easy drinking blonde ale has a floral bouquet that will seduce you, but watch out - at 7.6% ABV, she might be more "Shield Maiden" than "Dainty!"
$8.00 22-oz. Bomber Bottle



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